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The mortgage industry has recently undergone extreme changes. Lenders have taken huge monetary losses as well as had to face many changes in legislation and regulation. Besides increasingly stringent lending requirements there is also the threat of federal and state legislation that will severely alter the way mortgage lenders can conduct business.

Lenders can cut costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing the quality control, audit and compliance functions. MBES can help you with this by handling your audits, repurchases and all problem loans. We can also help to educate and guide you through the new state and federal compliance procedures as well as the new quality control and underwriting requirements being imposed by investors. Why pay for a full staff when we have experienced mortgage professionals that are already trained and only paid on as “as needed” basis? By using MBES we can supplement your current audit, compliance and problem loan staff or handle your loans on a regular basis so you don’t have to.

MBES will tailor a consulting, audit and quality assurance program that meets your company’s needs so that you only pay for our services you need when you need them. We offer a wide variety of services, including:


MBES’s quality control audits include a full and complete audit of each loan file. Our auditors use a comprehensive audit checklist that complies with quality control guidelines as set forth by FNMA, FHLMC, HUD & VA. We also will customize our audit to include any special documentation needed by your company.

Underwriting and all related aspects will be reviewed including:

  • Compliance of all documents to applicable regulations
  • Underwriting to ensure that the loan was properly underwritten
  • Credit documents and calculations to ensure that the borrowers have demonstrated the proper ability and willingness to repay the loan
  • Appraisals to ensure that they sufficiently represented adequate collateral for the loan
  • Any “red flags” that are indicative of fraud or misrepresentation will be noted and investigated

Reports will be generated inclusive of all findings and conclusions from the audit. MBES will also complete and audit file that will be completed within 30 days of our receipt of your complete loan file and will include:

  • Credit report, if required
  • Reverification letters and all responses
  • Field review, desk review or brokers price opinion, if required
  • Underwriter worksheet that has a complete recap of the loan file and detailed explanation of exceptions

Our report package includes several reports and an Overview Summary.


MBES also will handle your standard audits to keep you in compliance with your investor audit requirements as well as your internal quality control plan. We can help you fulfill your audit requirements on an as needed or regular basis. This service can also be customized to meet your needs as well as your investor needs.

Are you in compliance with all of the current regulations? Are you aware of all current and new legal and statutory requirements? Our compliance experts will be happy to assess and apprise you of all current and new regulations and legislation that will affect how you do business. Protect yourself and make sure that you are in compliance. Do you know? We can help, call today for a consultation.

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